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Monday, September 11, 2006

Wikipedia - My Best Friend

Now, there's been much said about Wikipedia over the past few years, especially about how accurate it is. Or not. But that rather misses the point. The whole fun of the Internet is predicated on gossip, hearsay and downright untruths. The fact is that Wikipedia is there and people use it. And how. My favourite thing recently is unearthing strange lists and categories - and then being able to add to them. Know a fictional psychiatrist that isn't on the list? Someone with a ridiculous name? Spotted a ridiculous edit war on another Wikipedia article? The sheer joy of adding to this ridiculousness is unparalleled in the modern world. There's also fun to be had from individual facts. Like the origin of the ubiquitous Nokia tune. Or you can search at their WikiCharts for the most viewed pages, which make for reading that is both surprising and somehow inevitable. Fed up? Then try imitators/off-shoots Sickipedia, Uncyclopedia or Encyclopedia Dramatica. Lovely stuff.

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