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Monday, November 13, 2006

Mc Donal Ds

Me, Brian, Mike and John often go to "Maccy D's" when we're feeling hungry. In the past, we've always walked the 6 miles to the Streatham Restaurant, but I passed my driving test last Saturday, so I told the lads that I would drive them there. On the way, we sang our "McDonald's Song". It's a ritual for us, really. Although on this occasion, I had to keep my eyes on the road, so it was sometimes hard for me to keep up with the boys! One of the main advantages of being such good friends is that you know exactly what each other eats at McDonald's. But it's not really that hard to remember. John's nickname is "Big Man" - so he's not going to want chicken nuggets, is he?! I ordered Fillet-o-fish, Mike tried Curry Sauce (for the first time), and then realised he should have stuck with Barbecue, John spilt a bit of cheese on his shirt, and Brian discovered an extra Fillet-o-fish in the bottom of the bag. Result! It felt great to fill our bellies, but we ate in silence. We were no longer boys, able to sit on plastic mushrooms without raised eyebrows in the main restaurant; we were men who had entered an adult "Drive-Thru" world, and even if Mike had wanted to, there was no chance that he could have ordered a Happy Meal. We drove off quieter than before, the fragment of cheese still clinging to John's pink shirt, and Brian manically knocking his head on the window. McDonald's had changed. "Or maybe it's we who have changed", Mike mumbled. Reluctantly, I was forced to agree with him.

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  • At 11/13/2006 04:34:00 pm, Blogger rainbow_death said…

    waaait... so you did a whole post about a trip to mcdonalds...that's real weird...but funny at the same time

    and i wouldn't give a damn if i were your age and sitting on the kids' chairs


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