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Monday, December 11, 2006

Sports Personality of the Year (of the Horse)

Remember that Bob Cooper - the Rock Paper Scissors World Champion who was rightfully campaigning for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year title? Well. He lost. And Zara Phillips won. And to prove that you don't need the mindpower of an RPS champ to sit on a horse, here's the transcript of her acceptance speech:
Woooo! Ahh! I'm actually shaking it's um. People have said to me have you prepared a speech and I was like - no - I wasn't expecting at all but. It's amazing and thank you to all of us as um and it's just amazing to be here um with all these amazing sports people um all just fantastic and I'm sat there in awe of everyone um but to win this is is absolutely amazing and ... thank you so much ha ha ha ... thank you very much.

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