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Monday, January 15, 2007

Tom's Speaking Along Now

You may remember that this time last year, Tom Baker (Dr Who in his plummiest incarnation) leant his voice to the BT home text messaging service. Anyone sending a text message to a landline in the UK would hear Tom's beautiful speaking voice reciting said message through the holes in the end of their phone handset. Anyway, it appears that someone has spent the past year sending a lot of these messages to themself and using the resulting strings of words to make Tom Baker 'sing' various classic songs. Visit 'The Doctor Sings' for his unlikely renditions of such tunes as 'How Soon is Now?', 'Timewarp' and 'Three Lions' (both versions). The same man has also clearly been busy with the a copy of the software Stephen Hawking uses to communicate. The result is much along the same lines, and you can hear the Prof speak along to some music at 'Stephen Hawking Sings'. Our personal favourite combines these two bits of hard graft into a piece of Shatner-esque genius - a Baker/Hawking duet of 'Baby It's Cold Outside'. Cold it may be outside, but it's certainly warm in our laughter-filled rooms.

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