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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pants Off Donal Off

We were quite worried that Fuse TV, who make the Pants Off Dance Off show that we featured this week, would be angry at our portayal of their programme. Seeming as we pointed out their eagerness to get a former child star's kit off. But it seems like we shouldn't have worried, as they weren't just happy with it - they bloody loved it... and more. Here's the email they sent:
Dear thisisaknife, The piece is hilarious! Funny thought... as your host mentioned he would like to be featured on our site. We of course would be more than happy to help with this request! We would feature it on our site... he do an original dance on a webcam... We would feature Donal on our site but I would make sure he got center spotlight! Both very funny and exciting!
Watch this space for when it gets on their site...

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