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Monday, January 15, 2007

Priest to Meet You. Would YOU Like to be on thisisaknife?

(I sent this out as a myspace bulletin as well, so do not berate me for a lack of originality) My grand-uncle is a catholic priest called Father Bernard Doyle. Here he is, here: For the big thisisaknife pilot that we're doing for E4, I would like to emulate him. We're planning to do something where you send me a quick little video of yourself confessing to have done something pretty weird, wrong, odd, dangerous, etc, and I'll listen as a priest and then act out your confession. We're getting on to this right away, and so I NEED YOUR CONFESSIONS! Please put a box/ bucket/ paper bag (or cotton, not plastic please, do not kill yourself) over your head, and then confess to something on your video camera/web cam. Then send your clip to Donal at We're probably bound to feature it on our show. Olay.

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  • At 1/19/2007 07:57:00 pm, Blogger No one said…

    E4?!!! Will you still be my friend when you are famous? I hope you will because I 'heart' you Donal. I like to watch you with my bonocos when you play with the boys on the pitch on the Mondays. I also like your grand-uncle Bernard. I like his face.


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