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Friday, January 26, 2007

Grizzly Knifey

1.) Regarding yesterday's post, and its title. Last night, I actually dreamt that I did genuinely pull off my face and swap it with the face of my cousin. 2.) Check this properly cool French website out. "Blogotheque" is the name, and filming impromptu music concerts is their game. Look at their video below of the band "Grizzly Bear" performing their song 'The Knife' (that's how I found out about Grizzly..) but without any instruments, and whilst walking through the back streets of Paris. In particular, focus on the man playing with his jumper. I think I love him. He's like a little child. Here is another video of theirs, by "Stars Like Fleas". New York is kind of transformed in to a desert at night.

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  • At 2/02/2007 03:57:00 pm, Anonymous Chryde said…

    Oh I'm such a fan of This is a Knife that I'm more than glad to be linked here !
    Come to France ! Come and film us !

    We love you !

    We're crazy !


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