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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Electronic Moustache

This little clip is of an electronics lecturer showing his class some previous comments that people have made about his teaching. Now, we never get to see him, but at the end of the clip, you'll have a pretty good idea of what he looks like. Watch and visualise...

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Sexy Jesus

God knows whether it's real or not, but this is a really great Halloween advert.

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Bollards To That

This needs some explaining.. in Manchester there's this set of rising bollards that move up and down only for buses. They rise up automatically after buses have passed. Even with hundreds of warning signs, this doesn't stop people attempting to get through. Footage from the manchester evening news...

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cooking With Coonan

Just to prove that we did actually cook it all, here's a one-take Coonan masterclass.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Donal has got his own wikipedia entry. And he didn't create it. A chappy called Head Doctor did. Would you like to assist him with his surgery?

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Scenes of A-Sexual Nature

It's the done thing nowadays to give any sort of response in video form, so that's exactly how Scenes of a Sexual Nature director Ed Blum has rebuked our episode about his film a few weeks ago. He loves us really.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Stig Turns to Ash(er D)

Remember when Donal met Stig MC (who was dressed as a pirate) and got absolutely chopped apart (dressed as a ninja)? Well Stig has now turned his attention to Asher D, formerly of So Solid Crew, and star of Life and Lyrics. A.D gets torn to shreds just as much as Donal was, but at least, a month and half ago in Bethnal Green, no one was watching.

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It's BlinddDave!

An extended version of Blind Dave... with a few extra bits in. I really hope you like it.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Get Download It

The following is something you may not know. The very best way to watch our show is to go to our homepage and scroll down until you see this: You WON'T see the arrow. This is purely to guide you. Press that line of words. Watch the show and like it. Or if you have a video ipod, you can download the show and carry it around, close to your heart. But remember, thisisaknife - so be careful.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blog Your Heart Out

Yesterday, everyone got a chance to be a blogger. Yes, the 'One Day In History' project wanted to know what happened to you on October 17 2006, so that future generations can will be able to find out how boring your life is. Take this entry, for example.
I feel that today I should be doing this. But today I really haven’t done much of note. I worked last night and it was a busy one, but quite rewarding and today I’ve been to tesco and had a few hours sleep. And now I’m about to revise.
But life is not boring for everyone. It can also be painful, poetic or just excessively detailed.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Celebrity Big Donal

Everyone's doing it, so we thought we'd better join in. We submitted this lovely picture of Donal to the celebrity face recognition service at With the following results:
7 - JC Chasez
6 - Kyoko Fukada
5 - Maria Grazia Cucinotta
4 - Sun Yat Sen
3 - AnnaSophia Robb
2 - Peter Weir
1 - Amisha Patel
Be sure to tell us if you know who any of them are.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Premieres and Graces

We'd never been to a premiere. But we did our best to keep Catherine Tate interested, although she did ask who the hell we were: Then Adrian Lester stepped up, and Donal implied that he fancied Nature a bit too much:

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Pants Off Paper Off Dance Off Donal Off

Donal's full dance for Pants Off Dance Off, to be featured soon on their website. Prominently.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Avid Edit

Here's an (extended) taster of the interview we had with Avid Merrion (the neck-brace wearing Transylvanian from 'Bo! Selecta') this week. He's got a new show 'Bo! In The USA', but to find out when it's on, you'll have to watch the interview in its entirety. Click on it!

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Webcameron Goes On and On...

You may remember us mentioning 'webcameron'.You know - David Cameron's transparent attempt to curry favour with the people of the internets using a video blog. Well, now he has imitators. The first is actually Labour MP Sion Simon, who does a reasonable impression and derides 'Dave's man-of-the-people message. Pretty ham-fisted but at least he's trying. The second is less good. Far less good. In fact, it's so bad that if it didn't have the hilariously punning name 'Web Camera On', I would never have guessed what this guy was getting at. Have a watch.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Smile! You're Wearing a Helmet That Forces You To

Now that you don't need to get dressed for video conference calls, courtesy of Brad over at businessbib. Now, it seems, you don't even need to put a smile on in the morning. The Smile Helmet will do it all for you. Great for looking enthusiastic during those long, hard meetings, but you could end up just looking a bit sarcastic.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Swedes of a Sexual Nature?

We managed to blag free tickets to the World Premiere of "Scenes of a Sexual Nature", starring Ewan McGregor. He wasn't there, but two Swedish girls, who won the Director's 'Vod Idol' competition, were. Below is their audition tape, and as they stress on their myspace page, they are not lesbians. Anyway, we caught hold of them, to ask when they first started touching one another, and then asked one of them to ride Donal. You'll see what we mean, and what they said, on Thursday's show...

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pants Off Donal Off

We were quite worried that Fuse TV, who make the Pants Off Dance Off show that we featured this week, would be angry at our portayal of their programme. Seeming as we pointed out their eagerness to get a former child star's kit off. But it seems like we shouldn't have worried, as they weren't just happy with it - they bloody loved it... and more. Here's the email they sent:
Dear thisisaknife, The piece is hilarious! Funny thought... as your host mentioned he would like to be featured on our site. We of course would be more than happy to help with this request! We would feature it on our site... he do an original dance on a webcam... We would feature Donal on our site but I would make sure he got center spotlight! Both very funny and exciting!
Watch this space for when it gets on their site...

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Ginger Tonic

Have a swig of this. He's on MTV2 and I only tasted his comedic joy yesterday, but it was refreshing and made me less thirsty.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

WebCameron vs ClickCheney

Everyone's probably seen 'Dave' Cameron's weak attempts to reach out to the people through his thoroughly genuine home-made video blog by now. So I just thought I'd compare and contrast his touchy-feely conservatism with the rather harsher brand available over in the US. Take a look. Dave: Dick: Also, check out the alternative webcameron at

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What a Cameron!

Argh well you might already have heard of David Cameron's blog, at, where twice weekly, a new video is posted of him clearing up porridge or something. It is actually hilarious. Also, he visits the New Delhi Metro. I had no idea India had a Metro. But anyway there's another site you should go to -, the site of poet and performer Cameron M. Semmens. He's got some pretty fizzy poems up there, such as 'Fruit 35' which is a bit like a monologue I wrote a while ago that is meant to be said by a giant apple, who is the Best Man at his friend's wedding: I have been asked to give a peach to celebrate one of the most beautiful figs in the world; marriage. On the day after tomato our two grape friends will be sunning themselves in the Sardines. They have cultivated a great parsnip in their field, and have decided they are ripe for marriage. They are two peas ready to be joined in the eyes of pod. I could (if I so squished) list many raisins why they have grown together. But I have to say Sat, Suma, I am in love with you. This is not just passion, fruit. This is no trifling matter. I speak from the bottom of my tart and I grate to say this in front of my best blend, for he is Golden, and, I suspect, Delicious. But from the moment I set my pies on you, I have been fertilised. We could have been a great pear. I feel like a compote saying this, but it is the truth. The puree truth. But kiwi be together? No. I have made a pricot fool of myself. So I shall mango back to the fridge. I am sausage. --- (Did you notice how only the last line is not a fruit or veg pun, but a meat pun? Did you?!)

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