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Friday, December 29, 2006

Father Philosophers

If you recall an episode of thisisaknife where we interviewed the chap who created the 'catch a perv' website, we went up to Oxford, and part of the interview took place by these Philosophers' Heads on Broad Street: Well on Christmas Eve, I decided to travel up to Oxford, and put some massive father christmas hats on the six central heads. It was a complicated procedure. It had also taken me weeks to construct the hats. (Click on the image in order to see it in any useful way...) It perhaps wasn't worth the trouble, but me and my mate Tom still feel very proud of ourselves. We filmed the whole thing, so watch this space for the moving story...

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Monday, December 25, 2006

As Promised

Although late, here is a present for Christmas Day. It's quite long, and maybe very boring. It's a behind the scenes look at making thisisaknife. I decided to film Will (who has appeared a few times on the show. As the man who said 'potatoes' once, for example), over a period of 5 months when he wasn't looking. You will see him during this video doing a lot of research for thisisaknife on his computer. I hope you enjoy it. Have a good day. I can hear my Dad wrestling with the turkey. I gotta go..

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Silent Knife

We're going down for Christmas Mass on the 24th, but we'll try to get something on the blog for Christmas Day. Subsequent to that, we'll probably be completely drunk, and as a result, might only be able to manage a song for next week's show. But it will be good. Channel 4 have allowed us a break after that for one week, but we'll be back God willing. I've got to catch a train to David's City, so I'll check you later..

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lots of People

Here: watch 'The Algorithm March', from a Japanese T.V Show. Now here: watch the same march performed by almost 1000 inmates at a jail in the Phillipines. And finally, here's a video I made, having taken some footage of Japanese children and then put some music over the top. The children are just as disciplined as the inmates, which is a little scary. Now turn off your computer.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Candid Cameron

Well, we did it. That's right, we managed to get David Cameron to answer our silly question about fruit and vegetables. Our question is the 3rd one he answers in his latest video blog, and is about half way through. Thanks to all of you who voted - check out your handiwork below:

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

digg this

Now, we don't ask for many favours, but it'd be really nice if all you lovely readers could help us out just this once. digg have just launched their own podcast section, and it'd be great to try to get on their favourites list. So, all you need to do is sign up to digg, and then go here and click the 'digg it' button on the left. If you all do this, then in no time we should be up with the best of them. Thank you all.

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Rubik's n00b

He may be good at music videos and the like, but film director Michel Gondry doesn't seem to have grasped the basics of our favourite baffling waste of time, the Rubik's Cube. Or rather, he's grasped them, but by the wrong part of his body - Michel, you're not meant to use your feet! Even so, he seems pretty good when it comes to actually solving the thing. But is it all a big fraud? And how?

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Coked Up Brazillians

The eternally odd Rob Manuel from b3ta points out that the Brazillians are stealing the internet. Or at least a part of it anyway.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Undercover Beard

Just when you thought you'd seen everything Beardyman could do - here he is at the ICA in London, where he starts his set as an Austrian professor.

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It'll Be All Right on the Knife

Here's the last in my series of videos for our anniversary, and perhaps the best, as well. A few bits that you won't have seen from the early days of thisisaknife...

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lights, Cameron, VOTE!

WE NEED YOUR HELP. On webcameron, David has agreed to answer the top 5 most voted for questions from the general public. So, I (signed in as oliverharvey) have posted the question: 'David, if you had to have the skin of any fruit or vegetable as your own skin, what would it be and why?'. If we get LOADS of votes, David will answer that question on next week's webcameron videoblog. That would make us smile and we'll put it on the show. SO - go to webcameron, and register in the top right corner of the screen. When this is all completed, go to the open blog and VOTE thumbs up for oliverharvey's question..

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Monday, December 11, 2006

The Sweetest Taboo

We've been told many times recently that people have seen Donal in an advert for Taboo, the popular board game. It's only now, however, that we've seen it for ourselves. Take a look... So, counting the Argos one, that's two adverts Donal's in this Christmas.

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Sports Personality of the Year (of the Horse)

Remember that Bob Cooper - the Rock Paper Scissors World Champion who was rightfully campaigning for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year title? Well. He lost. And Zara Phillips won. And to prove that you don't need the mindpower of an RPS champ to sit on a horse, here's the transcript of her acceptance speech:
Woooo! Ahh! I'm actually shaking it's um. People have said to me have you prepared a speech and I was like - no - I wasn't expecting at all but. It's amazing and thank you to all of us as um and it's just amazing to be here um with all these amazing sports people um all just fantastic and I'm sat there in awe of everyone um but to win this is is absolutely amazing and ... thank you so much ha ha ha ... thank you very much.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Time Just Flu

Here's that song we made about Donal being a bit under the weather. The man needs to get himself a handkerchief. If you'd like to see a larger version, then you can go here.

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Hippo Jaws Turn Midget Into Midget Juice

Here's a sorry tale sent to us by a fan in Australia. Click to make big.

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It's Hard Being Me

This guy has just won his case in a TV Courtroom and is very relieved. He does seems to lack respect for the authority of the court, though, given his post-case interview. Just click below to start playing or go here.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Oh, You Will

A lovely video from US telecoms firm AT&T all the way from 1993 when they were telling us all the stuff we'd be able to do with computers in the near future. Some were right, some were wrong - a nice mix of 'meh!' and 'why?' - but, in the tradition of Tomorrow's World, it all just doesn't look quite right.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the year's anniversary of the 1st day of the thisisaknife pilot. We didn't go on air till a bit after that, but this is the day that counts. To us at least. To celebrate, here's a video the team made almost a year ago as a get well soon card to our boss Frank.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Ad Nauseam

Now, as many of you might already know, Donal is on an advert on the telly. No clues, I'm afraid, except that it's not for Argos, as many of you have been claiming. Although, thinking about it, I can see the resemblance. Young Donal + Old Donal = Argos Donal

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Friday, December 01, 2006

Bee Muff Update

Our bee muff project kind of tailed off, and fortunately only the most vigilant of viewers pointed this out. The fact is that enough bees just couldn't be found. We'll try again next year that is for sure, but I thought you might be interested to hear that the US government is considering using bees to detect bombs. Apparently, they stick out their proboscis (nectar-sucking device) whenever they get near an explosive. Honestly, maybe all we actually need is bees. They could keep us warm, feed us, provide us with candles, and now protect us. I love bees.

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