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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Take Anything

I spent nine months in Japan, so I should know it's a pretty weird place. But nothing prepared me for this video when I watched it today. Actually, the fact that I watched it about six months ago prepared me for it...but anyway, here it is again. Unbelievable.

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Have You?

Saw this poster in the window of the Kentish Town Oxfam. If you do have one of what they are looking for, please, please phone them on 020 7267 3560.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

(Almost) No News

We almost didn't do a blog post today because we've been out filming. Donal was dressed as a priest and we're just about to break in to a car. All for the show, of course. Anyway, that's the news. But if you want no news, have a look at Adam Buxton's video. He's a very funny man.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Indian Winter

Considering all that's happened this week, I thought I'd try and heal some wounds. By showing you all a very funny video of some Indian people dancing. In a funny way. At least to us, and the person who posted this 'Crazy Indian Music Video'.

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Friday, January 26, 2007


Thisisaknife audience members 'film productions' made this little video: Sweet. It reminded me, a bit, of the first film I ever made when I was 17. It was slow and strange and took a sixth of a year to make. But if you have nothing else to do right now, you might want to watch the opening sequence of it, where the main character leaves his job. Basically, the film was vaguely saved by the fact that there were a lot of musical montages amongst a wasteland of silence.

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Grizzly Knifey

1.) Regarding yesterday's post, and its title. Last night, I actually dreamt that I did genuinely pull off my face and swap it with the face of my cousin. 2.) Check this properly cool French website out. "Blogotheque" is the name, and filming impromptu music concerts is their game. Look at their video below of the band "Grizzly Bear" performing their song 'The Knife' (that's how I found out about Grizzly..) but without any instruments, and whilst walking through the back streets of Paris. In particular, focus on the man playing with his jumper. I think I love him. He's like a little child. Here is another video of theirs, by "Stars Like Fleas". New York is kind of transformed in to a desert at night.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pulls His Face Off

Potentially annoying, but this fellow pulls it off. He's obviously not just a stupid face, because he can also act. In this case, a scene from Goodfellas - not the pizza.

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Well, I requested a song for Shane to sing. And sing he did. And the song he did was 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)". We'll be getting him on the show soon, don't you worry.
Shane teaches with midi Eurythmics Sweet Dreams Dedicated to Donal at this is a knife

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More Videos, More

Thanks ever so for all those confession videos. We think the best will be appearing in next week's thisisaknife/tiny E4 pilot. But wait! If you're not yet satiated with video challenges, and let's face it, who is, then a man named Johnny Flynn and his band need you really bad. Basically, he's a soon-to-be-famous musician, and a man already famous in Holland due to his acting career. And now he's making a music video entirely through clips of people's mouths. Here's what they say:
We're looking for people to help us make the video for the debut single of Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit "Tickle Me Pink". Use your digital camera (or phone or whatever device that takes films if it's ok quality!) to take a clip from inside your mouth moving to your surroundings and then back into your mouth... We'd love to have a range of people, surroundings and activities going on in the background from accross the globe/ We're looking for as much variety as possible. and THEN....We'll edit the best ones together to make the official video for the single release on Young And Lost Club. Send your videos to
Oh, and this is nothing to do with it but if you've not seen it, it's really good.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Extleme Forrowing

A big fanks to James for sending in this little clip via email. Says James: 'This video reminded me of the stunt you did in greenwich. The last 2 made me laugh.' He's not wrong.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Frank You For Everything

So, it turns out that the video blogger's first love, Ze Frank, is now going to be famous outside of your computer. Because he's been over in Hollywood, talking to Dreamworks. Like we'd ever do that. If you've forgotten everything about him: here he is on the show last year:

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Shane on You

I think this guy - Shane Lee - is amazing. He's only had a few views on the internet, but surely he's going to be a superstar. I'm doing my utmost to get him on the show. Thoughts, comments, most definitely welcome. Is he being genuine?
I teach how to sing with David Bowie's Fame

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The Bearded Chef

Another amazing video from one of our favourite men. Beardyman gives a spin, rather than a whistle, while he works.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Priest to Meet You. Would YOU Like to be on thisisaknife?

(I sent this out as a myspace bulletin as well, so do not berate me for a lack of originality) My grand-uncle is a catholic priest called Father Bernard Doyle. Here he is, here: For the big thisisaknife pilot that we're doing for E4, I would like to emulate him. We're planning to do something where you send me a quick little video of yourself confessing to have done something pretty weird, wrong, odd, dangerous, etc, and I'll listen as a priest and then act out your confession. We're getting on to this right away, and so I NEED YOUR CONFESSIONS! Please put a box/ bucket/ paper bag (or cotton, not plastic please, do not kill yourself) over your head, and then confess to something on your video camera/web cam. Then send your clip to Donal at We're probably bound to feature it on our show. Olay.

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Tom's Speaking Along Now

You may remember that this time last year, Tom Baker (Dr Who in his plummiest incarnation) leant his voice to the BT home text messaging service. Anyone sending a text message to a landline in the UK would hear Tom's beautiful speaking voice reciting said message through the holes in the end of their phone handset. Anyway, it appears that someone has spent the past year sending a lot of these messages to themself and using the resulting strings of words to make Tom Baker 'sing' various classic songs. Visit 'The Doctor Sings' for his unlikely renditions of such tunes as 'How Soon is Now?', 'Timewarp' and 'Three Lions' (both versions). The same man has also clearly been busy with the a copy of the software Stephen Hawking uses to communicate. The result is much along the same lines, and you can hear the Prof speak along to some music at 'Stephen Hawking Sings'. Our personal favourite combines these two bits of hard graft into a piece of Shatner-esque genius - a Baker/Hawking duet of 'Baby It's Cold Outside'. Cold it may be outside, but it's certainly warm in our laughter-filled rooms.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Listen to This David Jay-son

When we were at Latitude Festival last year we met up with a man who didn't end up in the show - but really was very good. He's called David Jay.

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Where Where Where?

Alright alright alright. There's no thisisaknife today. We're sorry. But don't worry, we haven't gone away forever. In fact, we're back next week. For now, how's about a trailer for a film that is really coming out in New Zealand, and I imagine will be syndicated across the world: Black Sheep.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Pilgrimage to the Heart of the Knife

The Boy Oliver and Big Tom, two enjoyers of thisisaknife, surprised us to the core last week when they trekked over to Kentish Town to visit some of the 'hot spots' of the show. Their mood when writing their blog was 'intrigued and inspired', which was rather nice. Here is a knife shot placed above a the boy oliver and big tom shot. Can you spot the differences?: Whizz over to their blog - whyever not? - to find out more..

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Move Over for the Shoever

I have enough trouble living without the problem of having to hoover. No more worries though. Well, not after they release Shoevers. Y'know - vacuum shoes.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Short and Curlies

Forget Celebrity Big Brother. At pubesaid, there's only 12 days until the list of celebrity pube donors is released. And counting.

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